Good news disguised as buses

9 October, 2007

Richard Leese has played a huge role in the turning around Manchester. I remember seeing him on Breakfast News when the IRA bomb went off in 1996. At this stage he had been leader of the council for three weeks but by turning adversity into oportunity Manchester can justly claim to be an icon of modern urbanism. He is also an important lesson for any ambitous little toerags who think the be all and end all is entry into the House of Commons. Anyway he has set up a blog. Check it out here. He is also the man if you need a tyre changing but that is another story….

Philippe Legrain champions immigration. He can also take a pop at the tories when they come out with nonsense, He must be a very busy boy. Anyway here is an exceptional post from his blog putting David Davis bang to rights


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