If you knew how much of your money he was spending you’d know why he’s smiling so much

11 October, 2007


Sir John Bourn has been sadly mistaken, he was spending under the misaprehension that the chief government beancounter should be exempt from the rigors that they should be imposing on other public servants. Now it appears it is going to be rather difficult to get rid of him but none the less I think it is worthy of the attempt. He’s a parliamentary appointee who can only be ejected by a vote in Commons and the Lords. Opinion is somewhat divided as to whether he should stay or he should go but in the opinion of Parburypolitica there is only so much of the proverbial you can take and maintain public confidence in your role and Sir John has taken plenty more.

Later today I shall be posting Parburypolitica’s first guest post! Contain your excitment please, think of the carpets.


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