They are not the messiah, they are very naughty boys

14 October, 2007

I was a bit worried that my sunday morning bike ride was going to be a bit slow and leisurely fortunately I have been insensed by a meddlesome triumvirate of Byers, Milburn and Clarke here and here. The Three Graces they aint, after all they are supposed to represent beauty, charm and joy

We need Blairite former cabinet ministers indulging their ego’s with talk of plots like we need to down a cup of cold sick in the morning. Sit down, shut up, no one cares. Tony has moved on, you need to as well. Indeed if you can’t make a positive contribution to the govenment what is the point of you hanging around Westminister. Go do something else with your life and hand your seats to people who can.

Now where’s my bike …


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