Luke’s energy target bullseye

25 October, 2007

Luke Akehurst scores a bullseye with his article on energy targets. Ok he is somewhat more keen on nuclear than I am (they don’t call him Luke the Nuke for nothing) but his overall analysis of the energy situation we are in is spot on.


3 Responses to “Luke’s energy target bullseye”

  1. Chris Paul said

    Don’t quite agree with this. Haven’t had time to finish post though. Clearly he’s right that we do need to act. But I think we’ll get what we measure and that isn’t what we need.

  2. We need to act and act now. I’ve decided to become a lot less energetic and let other people do things instead. This should make a useful contribution. I shall also try to emit less hot air and fumes into the upper atmosphere.

  3. parburypolitica said

    I think whichever Luke it is I would love to meet your spoofster.

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