More KY for the Right Honorable member?

26 October, 2007

It appears that John Pugh (Lib Dem) is mounting (if that is the right word) a valiant if misguided attempt to stop his Southport constituency turn into Sexport before his “horrified” voters eyes as a the Trills and Spills swingers club is set to open its doors this weekend.

The Lib Dem MP wants Merseyside police to stop what they were going to do this weekend and as they are the police I can’t imagine it would be anything important like stopping crime and instead stop consenting adults having sex. Quite how he squares this with being a “Liberal” Democrat is beyond me but I suspect to reach the dizzy heights of the Liberal Democrat parliamentary party he stopped asking such questions a long time ago.

This blog is unequivocally socially liberal when it comes to shagging. As long as it is between consenting adults the state should have no role. People are perfectly capable of deciding to do whatever they want with people who they choose. Indeed politicians rank only marginally below Roman Catholic priests or possibly Jimmy Saville as people you would never want to get advice from on such matters.

UPDATE: It appears here that the Liberal Democrats aren’t Liberals at all. Who would have thought it?


One Response to “More KY for the Right Honorable member?”

  1. CommonSense said

    How illiberal. These are consenting adults who are not doing anything ilegal and should be allowed to swing if they wanna swing surely.

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