Creasy in the commons?

5 November, 2007

Stella Creasy has been selected as the Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Walthamstow. I met Stella more than a decade ago at a Fabian summer school along with Derek Draper (more on him later).

It wouldn’t have been a suprise to me then that she would be a future Labour candidate and it certainly isn’t now. I’m sure Stella will be a credit to Walthamstow and the PLP should she receive the electorates endorsement and lets face it if we don’t get that in Walthamstow then we really would be stuffed.

Hattip Luke Akehurst


3 Responses to “Creasy in the commons?”

  1. rupahuq said

    Walthamstow was Clem Atlee’s seat but it’s not always been Labour – we did lose it 1987 – 1992 along with Battersea and one other London constituency (whose name escapes me). Congrats to Stella – I don’t know personally her but I’m sure she’ll be a good thing.

  2. The other seat lost in 1987 but not in 1983 in London was Greenwich to the SDP (after a byelection earlier the same year).

    In Clem’s day there were two seats in Walthamstow – an East and a West, one safer than the other. Both were temporarily lost after by-elections in the late ’60s when the Wilson government was unpopular.

  3. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Walthamstow was lost in the same election as Battersea. Sounds to me like a case of them both going to the dogs.

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