Is this the kind of America people want?

6 November, 2007

Today the legal advisor to the US secretary of state refuses to say that waterboarding is illegal. Yet 60 years ago America was sentencing Japanese soldiers who used the technique on US soldiers to 15 years for war crimes. Seems grandpa got something right.

Quite what the Americans are hoping to achieve using this form of torture is beyond me. We are engaged in a battle of hearts and minds to win the world to liberal democracy against a medievalist religious fundementalism because this is the best guarantee in the view of western industrialised nations for peoples peace, security and happiness and what does some jackass in the US militelligence complex do?

Start using torture to extract information that is of very dubious value. Torture someone long enough and they will tell you what you want to hear. It also puts the US into the same bracket as every tinpot regime that seeks to torture and makes it alot harder to explain why we are supposed to be the good guys. And in a battle of hearts and minds why would we want to be the good guys?

I think it all comes back to Machiavelli. Is it the wiser course of action for a prince to be loved or feared? Well considering that this prince can’t control even a small part of its troublesome empire with the most advanced military technology in the history of humanity a rule based on fear may not be the most brilliant idea ever. So Dubya you’d better start showing us some of your lurve …


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