Detention without trial

12 November, 2007

We are already out of line with most other comparible democracies. If the police are asking for it and given the very small number of people they have held to 28 days I can’t imagine that they are gagging for it, parliament isn’t compelled to roll over and let the police tickle the parliamentary belly.

We live in parliamentary  democracy and not a police state and it would be benefiticial if our elected members payed as much attention to threats to the liberty of the voters as it does to the liberty of business. What did someone mention Agency workers?

Perhaps people should start earning their salaries and get a bit creative. What about post charge questioning? What we don’t want to end up in is a situation where the government goes for 56 days for whatever reason and loses. Thereby looking authoritarian and feeble in one go which is something of an achievement. So sort it.


One Response to “Detention without trial”

  1. Chris Paul said

    The USA for example use war powers to lock people up for as long as they want. Amazingly Lord Lester (Lib Dem) had no great objection. he was winging instead that the government could not decide between 50, 56 and 58 days. He gave the example of a suspect who was seriously injured in the course of an attack and not fit for questioning for more than 28 days.

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