Sajjad Karim jumps from frying pan to fire

26 November, 2007

Just after getting reselected in what he must feel is an unwinnable position for the Lib Dems he has jumped ship. He is moving from the Fibs to the Cons just proves that some people, as in the old irish political joke, can’t tell the shit from the shite.

Heard it about quarter to severn this morning on the radio and seem to remember him saying quite nice things about the Lib Dems, the very people he was stabbing in the back. What a very Fib Dem thing to do. Idiot.

Rupa Huq and Chris Paul seem to have a far greater tolerance threshold for disecting non entities. So go check them out and while your at it try and sort out some better or at least not dank weather. The Soviets managed it for their Mayday parades why on earth can’t we.


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