The Tories European Nightmare

27 November, 2007

I know the media love to miss any story that might actually be important especially when you have a defection going on but why is the main story about the European parliament that a yellow tory has decided to defect to be a blue tory?

The real news is that the entire tory group in the European Parliament is tearing itself apart over it’s leader and Camerons pledge to exit the European People’s Party political grouping in the parliament. More on this from our “friends” over at Conservativehome

Also I present for your delectation what Lib Dem Voice and Conservativehome have been saying about the highly principled defector who couldn’t possibly be out to save his seat. No no that’s far to cynical. 


One Response to “The Tories European Nightmare”

  1. […] 4, 2007 in Uncategorized Looks like the departure of  Sajjid Karim from the Lib Dems to “Cameron’s Conservatives” is not to be the only change in the North West MEPs returned next time round as Gary Titley who […]

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