8 wishes for ’08

30 December, 2007

1) to see the monologue of the human barbarism that is armed conflict turned into the dialogue of conlfict resolution in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world where the TV camera crews don’t go.

2) to see a fairer distribution of wealth.

3) Reduce our dependence on foreign oil and gas. It’s not good for British innovation in emerging technologies, nor the environment or indeed our foreign policy.

4) Develop our own cycling culture like that in Holland and Denmark. A healthier people being kinder to the environment. What’s not to love?

5) Russia and China move towards democracy. This would be a great development in security for the world, democracies tend not to declare war on other democracies, and it would also help to protect the human rights of the citizens of those aforementioned countries. That is something their present governments have conspicuously failed to do.

6) The Labour government performing to its true potential. 2008 should be the year when we lay the foundations for a forth term election victory and we should take special pleasure in exposing the Tories, even though they have been out of power since 1997 are still a bunch of evil numpty charlatans not fit to run a whelk stall let alone the country.

7) A Democrat wins the US presidency and that Democrats strengthen their position in the House and the Senate and consequentially can restore the world’s trust in America as a great country.

8) The BNP don’t get anywhere in the 2008 London assembly elections or indeed any other elections, anywhere, ever.

These are mine, what’s yours?


One imprudent owner

27 December, 2007

So what do you do after you’ve started a couple of wars, committed genocide against your own people and have, as it turned out, an occasional hobby of developing weapons of mass destruction?  Well strangely enough it seems to be playing Captain Pugwash on your own little boat and if you fancy having a go it’ll only cost you $34,000,000. Bargain really.

Tom had an interesting post the NEXT chain of shops getting its staff in for a 4am start on Boxing day. Now that has to be pretty evil and as Alex helpfully reminds us the Tories are evil. To ruin peoples Christmas day because they have to go to bed straight after the Queens speech is almost as bad as being a Tory. Where is their respect for family life now?

Who would be the kind of person to do that? Bingo you guessed it. A Tory. Simon Wolfson is the CEO of NEXT. He is both a donor to the Conservative party and to David Cameron’s leadership campaign. He is also the co author along with the a vulcan of the Tories screwing the poor “economic competitiveness” policy group. Pity his company isn’t actually doing that well, still it doesn’t stop him taking home the millions. Bet the shareholders love him, then there is the value he gives to customers as revealed by British Spin or should that be Hopi?

Still he is the second youngest CEO of a FTSE 100 company. I want to say straight from the outset this can only be due to his brilliant business brain and have nothing to do with his dad being a former chairman of the company, just like his being Thatcher’s chief of staff has nothing to do with his son being Tory. Conservative meritocracy don’t you just love it. Omar has more on the reality of the Tories compassionate conservativism.

PS Hope you had a fab Christmas.

More on Dean Godson

20 December, 2007

I don’t buy the Cameroonian make over that modern tories are cuddly greenies who love the NHS.  Today’s Tories are of the generation that were Thatcher worshippers. Now they want to import the American social model. Reducing public expenditure to US levels and wrecking Britiain’s chance to become a modern social democracy. Now it appears that the Research Director of Cameron’s favourite thinktank was parted company from the Telegraph for being to right wing.  That must have taken some doing! Via  Bloggerheads

Shane Greer helpfully shows what the Tories are like.  People who are happy to pay to fuck other peoples daughters. I say fine. Lets have more prostitutes and lets start with the first born of every shadow cabinet member.  What your less keen now?

Perhaps freedom should be the freedom to do more with your life than get  fucked for money but it would seem to be something of a revolutionary concept for the Tories.

Worth Repeating

20 December, 2007

David Cameron wants to run the British economy yet can’t even run the accounts of his constituency association without taking illegal donations then their was his previous role helping out with the British economy when he was Norman Lamont’s monkey. As a blogger I hope the Tories get in next time as the opportunities for taking the piss will be legion, the  only problem is they would wreck the country, wreck the economy, and wreck the public services.

Is Christmas cancelled?

19 December, 2007

I think what they are trying to say is that I have about as much chance of my Christmas  presents arriving on time as one of Caroline Noakes’s pigs has of seeing in the new year out  of the oven. The original delivery date was the 21st and now that they have had the order for two days it’s now the 24th!

Season’s greetings from Amazon.co.uk.

We wanted to reassure you that your order ***************  is currently being processed. We know that holidays can be stressful and wanted to relieve a portion of that stress by reassuring you that your package should leave our Fulfilment Centre soon. Despite the slight delay, we expect your order to arrive in time for Christmas.

On dispatch, you will receive an e-mail message confirming the date, contents and method of delivery.

Our fulfillment centers and carriers are working hard to ensure that packages are delivered as quickly as possible during the Christmas period. Orders such as yours, with estimated delivery dates of December 24 or earlier, are receiving top priority in each of our fulfillment centers.

When possible, our system will upgrade many shipments to a faster shipping method to ensure they are delivered by December 24. These upgrades are complimentary during the holiday season and you will not be charged for any additional shipping costs.

Thank you for shopping at Amazon.co.uk. We hope you enjoy your order.

Warmest regards,

Customer Service Department

It must be hard being Iain Dale. First came the North Norfolk fiasco. If you could get honours for services to increasing Lib Dem majorities he would be Sir Iain Dale GCMG at the very least.

Then there was his attempt to get Basher Davies elected Tory leader and we know how that went. He lost to a pair of public school boys who can’t even run the leaders constituency association without breaking electoral law by accepting illegal donations. Then Eton “Dave” or lets face it Iain some flunky in CCO kindly told him to get stuffed off the candidates list by text.

Then there was his wooing of Maidstone Conservative Association that went so well that by the time he got the brush off he’d made it clear to everyone that his trousers were already around his ankles, he was so gagging for it. All the while political numpties that no one has ever heard of win selections and then are such fumbling political virgins that they go around pretending to be cancer charities despite largeing it on the Ashcroft millions.

Personally i’m not sure what is the unkindest cut. The suggestion that he is just getting a little bit past it for a Tory safe seat selection committee, they want future cabinet ministers not future guests on Have I got news for you, or the pity of Tom Watson. Still chin up Iain.

As a mere young political pup albeit with a 100% record of winning parliamentary selections I say stick to what your “good” at. So forget about parliament, concentrate on being a media tart. Then if the country should suffer the misfortune of electing a conservative government you can dish the dirt and keep Gio in dog biscuits. Or with his formidable interviewing skills he could be the new Parkie.

Cruddas strikes again

13 December, 2007

The far right are obsessed with the sovietisation of Britiain. Why then are they acting like the Stasi? Cruddas is putting them right as ever as I found out from the email below.

MP calls for police to be brought in to investigate BNP

Labour MP Jon Cruddas will today call on the police to investigate possible illegal acts by the British National Party leadership. It appears that leading officers in the BNP have been secretly recording phone conversations of some of its officials and monitoring their emails. On Saturday 8 December members of the BNP security team also gained access to the house of Sadie Graham, one of Nick Griffin’s critics, and removed personal belongings, including a computer. Sadie Graham is a borough councillor in Broxtowe and much of her council work was on the computer. The BNP leadership have subsequently gone through the computer reading emails and documents, including emails that has arrived since the computer was stolen.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has even boasted about reading these emails on the party website.Visit our website for up to date information about the crisis within the BNP

Cruddas’ call comes as the crisis that is tearing the BNP apart grows. On Sunday the BNP sacked two of its leading officers “on the grounds of gross misconduct.” Sadie Graham, the party’s group development officer, and Kenny Smith, the party’s head of administration, were sacked after they had begun to openly criticise the performance and behaviour of three other full-time party workers. Despite allegations of financial mismanagement, including £17,000 which appears to have gone missing from the BNP 2006 accounts (which have yet to be submitted to the Electoral Commission), Nick Griffin refused to investigate.

Instead, he set his ‘Intelligence Department’, run by former South African police officers, to look for evidence against his critics. If Griffin thought that the sacking of Graham and Smith would end the rebellion he was deeply mistaken. Over 30 branch organisers, regional organisers and party officials have publicly backed the duo. Five BNP councillors have joined the rebellion.

“The BNP leadership is showing us its true colours,” says Jon Cruddas. “They appear to be monitoring phonecalls and emails of their members and removing computers from private households. This is not the behaviour of a normal political party and I would like to see the police investigate this.”

Cruddas is particularly concerned with the allegation that a computer with private council business and personal correspondence from voters is being scrutinised by the BNP leadership. “This is totally deplorable and must be stopped immediately. These fascistic bullyboy tactics should have no place in our political system.”

For more information on the crisis engulfing the BNP visit: http://www.stopthebnp.org.uk

Alternatively, feel free to contact me nick@stopthebnp.org.uk

All the best

Nick Lowles, Searchlight.

The Cameroons favourite think tank Policy Exchange has just been broadsided by Newsnight. Policy exchange recently published a report about extremist publications being available in UK mosques. They even got the recipts to prove it. But according to Newsnight some of them were faked!

Dean Godson is the research director and anthony browne is the head honcho. If this sticks then I think they are both gonners. But what about the former director and now Tory PPC for thatchers old gaffe Nick Boles. He only left earlier in the year. Also Michael Gove now the tories shadow secretary of state for children used to be the chairman. How much did he know?  

Dean Godson is an interesting character to say the least. His wiki entry is full of links to the neocons in the states and that old friend to the right and now convicted criminal Conrad Black.