In God we increasingly do not trust

4 December, 2007

A Tory MP is getting in a hissy fit because of and I quote “Christianophobia”.  As an athiest I find most christians to be very nice well meaning people, we just differ on the issue of whether there is a god and at the moment the church is not to speedy in producing one up to scientfic scrutiny. To claim that they are being persecuted for their faith and we are all becoming god bashing heathens intent to destroy the contribution of Christianity to British life is wide of the mark.

Perhaps the reason that Christianity is taking a place in British society that is significantly less central than in the past is that it is failing to win believers to its vision of faith. A letter in this weeks Economist is instructive.

Apparently in London most Christians are non white and are out numbered by Muslim worshippers. If the church can only muster a subset of a subset of the population to attend its services then it seems amiss to me that they have representation in parliament with no elections and no questions asked. Roll on an elected upper house.


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