With friends like these….

5 December, 2007

A candidate for opposition blog of the year? Now i’m wondering why I even put the question mark.

PS for the record it’s rather nice up north. 


2 Responses to “With friends like these….”

  1. Opposition? At least it’s bloody principled opposition.

  2. parburypolitica said

    Actually i’m not sure that it is most of the time. She’s taken it down now but there was a post up about purnell.

    Now there are things people should disagree with purnell on such as the position of sport in society. He thinks funding should go towards olympic golds. I think it should go to the wider public.

    Instead grims line was he was Blairs research assistant and wasn’t born in the constituency he represents or something therefore he must be an evil sellout and a tory to boot.

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