The Fantastic Princes End by-election result

7 December, 2007

Luke is the man on the ball with the result as ever and what a result it was. A swing to Labour of 13%!

I would like to claim credit for one or two of the Labour votes as I did do some campaigning in sunny (actually it poured down) West Brom but really it should all go the BNP. Without their help it wouldn’t have been possible. Once local people had worked out what a bunch of criminal nazi’s who couldn’t even be bothered to do the job the BNP were they were soon rid of them.

One Response to “The Fantastic Princes End by-election result”

  1. Chris Paul said

    Yes a brilliant result. Meanwhile in the real war of ideas Iain Dale can’t tell the difference between frontline jobs and bureaucrats. He is throwing his toys. Comments and links welcome.

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