Is this the most racist newspaper article in living memory?

10 December, 2007

According to the news of the screws the’re over here nicking our jobs and nicking our women.   Even the Daily Mail isn’t this bad. Anyone know anything about complaining to the press complaints commission? Presumably they think that the race should be kept pure of slavic blood. Now who was the last person to come up with that idea?


4 Responses to “Is this the most racist newspaper article in living memory?”

  1. Praguetory said

    I agree that it hardly ranks as news, but on the other hand I think the average Honza would find this article quite funny. Feel free to get into a frenzy on his behalf.

  2. Anjona said

    Complaints to the press complaints commission in general have to be fairly immediate, so I wouldn’t hang about on this, if that’s want you want to do.

    At least he got a free kitchen out of it, plus I guess an offer about using his image in the article.

    Generally sounds like sour grapes and wrench envy.

  3. rupahuq said

    I’ve always thought “News of the World” was an inappropriate title for a comic with such a narrow agenda. Perhaps it’s the Trades Descriptions Act you should be complaining to.

  4. 5cc said

    A bit late noticing this, sorry. I’ve made a couple of PCC complaints and I’d guess you’ll have little chance with this.

    The PCC will only accept complaints on discrimination grounds if they’re made by someone directly affected by the article. From what I’ve seen, they try as hard as they can to find excuses to dismiss complaints, and the ‘you’re not directly affected’ schtick is the easist way to dismiss you.

    Plus, Paul Dacre and Richard Desmond might be on the board judging this case. You think they’d ever think anything was discriminatory, ever?

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