Tory think tank in fakery scandal!

13 December, 2007

The Cameroons favourite think tank Policy Exchange has just been broadsided by Newsnight. Policy exchange recently published a report about extremist publications being available in UK mosques. They even got the recipts to prove it. But according to Newsnight some of them were faked!

Dean Godson is the research director and anthony browne is the head honcho. If this sticks then I think they are both gonners. But what about the former director and now Tory PPC for thatchers old gaffe Nick Boles. He only left earlier in the year. Also Michael Gove now the tories shadow secretary of state for children used to be the chairman. How much did he know?  

Dean Godson is an interesting character to say the least. His wiki entry is full of links to the neocons in the states and that old friend to the right and now convicted criminal Conrad Black.


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