Iain Dale – Better stick to blogging, your just not cut out for politics

19 December, 2007

It must be hard being Iain Dale. First came the North Norfolk fiasco. If you could get honours for services to increasing Lib Dem majorities he would be Sir Iain Dale GCMG at the very least.

Then there was his attempt to get Basher Davies elected Tory leader and we know how that went. He lost to a pair of public school boys who can’t even run the leaders constituency association without breaking electoral law by accepting illegal donations. Then Eton “Dave” or lets face it Iain some flunky in CCO kindly told him to get stuffed off the candidates list by text.

Then there was his wooing of Maidstone Conservative Association that went so well that by the time he got the brush off he’d made it clear to everyone that his trousers were already around his ankles, he was so gagging for it. All the while political numpties that no one has ever heard of win selections and then are such fumbling political virgins that they go around pretending to be cancer charities despite largeing it on the Ashcroft millions.

Personally i’m not sure what is the unkindest cut. The suggestion that he is just getting a little bit past it for a Tory safe seat selection committee, they want future cabinet ministers not future guests on Have I got news for you, or the pity of Tom Watson. Still chin up Iain.

As a mere young political pup albeit with a 100% record of winning parliamentary selections I say stick to what your “good” at. So forget about parliament, concentrate on being a media tart. Then if the country should suffer the misfortune of electing a conservative government you can dish the dirt and keep Gio in dog biscuits. Or with his formidable interviewing skills he could be the new Parkie.


One Response to “Iain Dale – Better stick to blogging, your just not cut out for politics”

  1. Iain Dale said

    Thanks. When I want your advice I’ll be sure and ask for it. Remind me, er, just what are your achievements in life?!

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