Is Christmas cancelled?

19 December, 2007

I think what they are trying to say is that I have about as much chance of my Christmas  presents arriving on time as one of Caroline Noakes’s pigs has of seeing in the new year out  of the oven. The original delivery date was the 21st and now that they have had the order for two days it’s now the 24th!

Season’s greetings from

We wanted to reassure you that your order ***************  is currently being processed. We know that holidays can be stressful and wanted to relieve a portion of that stress by reassuring you that your package should leave our Fulfilment Centre soon. Despite the slight delay, we expect your order to arrive in time for Christmas.

On dispatch, you will receive an e-mail message confirming the date, contents and method of delivery.

Our fulfillment centers and carriers are working hard to ensure that packages are delivered as quickly as possible during the Christmas period. Orders such as yours, with estimated delivery dates of December 24 or earlier, are receiving top priority in each of our fulfillment centers.

When possible, our system will upgrade many shipments to a faster shipping method to ensure they are delivered by December 24. These upgrades are complimentary during the holiday season and you will not be charged for any additional shipping costs.

Thank you for shopping at We hope you enjoy your order.

Warmest regards,

Customer Service Department


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