Tory scrooge forgets about Christmas

26 December, 2007

Tom had an interesting post the NEXT chain of shops getting its staff in for a 4am start on Boxing day. Now that has to be pretty evil and as Alex helpfully reminds us the Tories are evil. To ruin peoples Christmas day because they have to go to bed straight after the Queens speech is almost as bad as being a Tory. Where is their respect for family life now?

Who would be the kind of person to do that? Bingo you guessed it. A Tory. Simon Wolfson is the CEO of NEXT. He is both a donor to the Conservative party and to David Cameron’s leadership campaign. He is also the co author along with the a vulcan of the Tories screwing the poor “economic competitiveness” policy group. Pity his company isn’t actually doing that well, still it doesn’t stop him taking home the millions. Bet the shareholders love him, then there is the value he gives to customers as revealed by British Spin or should that be Hopi?

Still he is the second youngest CEO of a FTSE 100 company. I want to say straight from the outset this can only be due to his brilliant business brain and have nothing to do with his dad being a former chairman of the company, just like his being Thatcher’s chief of staff has nothing to do with his son being Tory. Conservative meritocracy don’t you just love it. Omar has more on the reality of the Tories compassionate conservativism.

PS Hope you had a fab Christmas.


One Response to “Tory scrooge forgets about Christmas”

  1. rupahuq said

    Next also sources its clothes from child-labour exploiting sweatshops in Bangladesh

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