8 wishes for ’08

30 December, 2007

1) to see the monologue of the human barbarism that is armed conflict turned into the dialogue of conlfict resolution in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world where the TV camera crews don’t go.

2) to see a fairer distribution of wealth.

3) Reduce our dependence on foreign oil and gas. It’s not good for British innovation in emerging technologies, nor the environment or indeed our foreign policy.

4) Develop our own cycling culture like that in Holland and Denmark. A healthier people being kinder to the environment. What’s not to love?

5) Russia and China move towards democracy. This would be a great development in security for the world, democracies tend not to declare war on other democracies, and it would also help to protect the human rights of the citizens of those aforementioned countries. That is something their present governments have conspicuously failed to do.

6) The Labour government performing to its true potential. 2008 should be the year when we lay the foundations for a forth term election victory and we should take special pleasure in exposing the Tories, even though they have been out of power since 1997 are still a bunch of evil numpty charlatans not fit to run a whelk stall let alone the country.

7) A Democrat wins the US presidency and that Democrats strengthen their position in the House and the Senate and consequentially can restore the world’s trust in America as a great country.

8) The BNP don’t get anywhere in the 2008 London assembly elections or indeed any other elections, anywhere, ever.

These are mine, what’s yours?


One Response to “8 wishes for ’08”

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