How did we miss this guy

3 January, 2008

Today is the day that Iowa decides who it wants to nominate to be on the ticket of the Republicans and Democrats. We’ve heard all about Clinton, we heard all about Obama, Edwards has a chance. Richardson, Biden and Dodd have all tried to make a mark but failed but has anyone actually heard of Mike Gravel before?

Apparently he was big in the 70’s as a senator from Alaska and today he is running for president. Personally I think he has about as much chance as being president as I do of being a prima ballerina but lets not knock the guy for trying. Just becuase he doesn’t have money or media exposure …

Anyway the guardian have been doing some videos from Iowa about the candidates and here is the one about Mike. I also want to link to his most famous ad Rock and I’ll also link to him explaining it as I sure as hell can’t.

Update Pamphlet Labour also has the story


3 Responses to “How did we miss this guy”

  1. Praguetory said

    Er yes. Heard about him ages ago. Like Ron Paul I believe he is in favour of abolishing the IRS.

  2. parburypolitica said

    It’s always reassuring to find someone more geeky on the primary process than i am.

  3. Praguetory said

    Nice comeback. Happy New Year.

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