If only it were true …

4 January, 2008

The Liberal Democrat conference has stunned political observers with a brutally honest assessment of their own electoral chances that left them voting to ‘go home and not bother any more.’

Britain’s third party has traditionally had a reputation for integrity and avoiding spin, and many delegates had apparently felt uncomfortable about continually pretending they were going to ever form a government. ‘We’re all completely wasting our time. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it’ said leader Menzies Campbell to applause from the conference floor.

Hattip Cllr Reynolds Esq

This post is dedicated to Manchester Liberal Democrats who not only have councillors defecting to the Labour but also the Conservatives who had until a contribution from the lib dems exactly no councillors on Manchester City Council. If one of them defects to the Greens they will have the full set.


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