New Tech Hillary style

5 January, 2008

Below is most of a email from the Hillary campaign. The bit that caught my eye is that they are using some kind of new technology to help people phone canvass from home. Any ideas as to what the system actually is? It sounds a bit like a call centre autodialer with extra stuff added on but I think it could be useful over here as well.

You can help by making calls from home to New Hampshire voters in the next four days before Election Day. You’ll be inviting them to see Hillary in the next few days and helping identify Hillary voters to turnout on Tuesday.

To increase the impact of your time — we are implementing a new technology that will allow you to make even more calls from home. The new system will help you reach people with no need to dial, no voicemails, and no wrong numbers. It’s critical because you’ll be helping us contact thousands of New Hampshire voters.

Can you make calls?

To be part of the effort, we need you to be on a conference call tonight at 5:00 p.m. EST so that we can help you get started tonight.

If you want to help tonight or any night in the next three days sign up here:

Every hour you give in the next four days will help make a difference in New Hampshire.


Guy Cecil
National Political and Field Director
Hillary Clinton for President


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