Grade A plonker

7 January, 2008

And some people want this idiot to be Prime Minister.


4 Responses to “Grade A plonker”

  1. Robert said

    Who wants him to be PM, only twits who drive flash cars, not humans

  2. parburypolitica said

    There is of course the facebook group with more than 250,000 members

    That’s a lot of twits alas.

  3. […] Ok I know it looks like I nicked this from Will Parbury who had it up yesterday but I somehow wrote it and saved it without hitting “publish” […]

  4. […] hopes of being PM. Watch it here. The moral of the story is that 49,447 people can be wrong, as Parbury pointed out at the time of the Draft Clarkson e-petition’s […]

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