Damilola Ajagbonna

8 January, 2008

Kevin Maguire had a good post about the situation of Damilola Ajagbonna which has also been covered in the Independent. Here is a guy that has played by the rules, done everything that has been expected of him and more.

The kid went to a hell pit of a school and got to offered a place at Cambridge when no one from his school had ever done that before but because of an administrative error he is such a threat to the country he is being threatened with deportation to Nigeria. I don’t know about you but I can’t think of a day when I’ve thought this country would be so much better without that Damilola Ajagbonna. Jeremy Clarkson many times but not Damilola Ajagbonna.

This guy’s treatment is an offence to natural justice. Frankly there are plenty of people that could do with deportation, the whole Tory party would be pretty high on my list, but I can’t think of anyone less deserving of deportation. So Liam Byrne it’s time to pull your finger out.

There is also a facebook group


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