Guido and the Gun Nut

12 February, 2008

It appears Guido has hired a lawyer to sue another blogger. What a guy. and who should it be? A distinguish member of the Bar? A leading practitioner in the libel courts? Infact it is none other than my favourite mullah in the Tory Taleban Donal Blaney.

Here is an extract from his blog. Honestly I didn’t make it up. Why would I when truth is stranger than fiction.

The Right to Bear Arms

The Young Britons’ Foundation has been described by TV’s Iain Dale as “a conservative madrassa” because of the way in which YBF trains young conservative activists in public speaking, debating, fundraising, internet activism, campaign management and media skills.

Now, like a real madrassa, YBF has added firearms training in a remote overseas outpost to its arsenal of programmes.

Yesterday, four Brits travelled to the Blue Ridge Arsenal, 30 minutes outside Washington where, after 3 hours of safety training, we got the opportunity to fire revolvers, semi-automatic pistols and an MP5 machine gun for over an hour. To say it was awesome is an understatement. The feeling of hot brass, gun recoil and the smell of gunpowder was incredible.

While I wasn’t particularly keen on the revolvers, I was rather taken by the Glock 9mm semi-automatic. However, like my colleagues, I most enjoyed firing the MP5. It was quite an experience and one I would very much recommend if you get the chance. I certainly intend to provide the opportunity to fire these weapons to more British conservative activists this summer when I bring across another few dozen activists to attend a variety of conferences in Washington, New York and California.

All I could think, though, was what a pity it was that we don’t have the same enlightened view that the Americans have as regards gun ownership – instead of allowing ourselves to be cowed into submitting to the authority of the state in that respect as in so many others. After all: guns don’t kill people – people kill people

Perhaps he explains the slaughter of American citizens due to firearms, more than another country in the civilised world, as a result of American being an instrincally evil people afterall Donal “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”


2 Responses to “Guido and the Gun Nut”

  1. rupahuq said

    He has however joined the “Mark McDonald for Treasurer” Facebook group though so he does have *some* taste.

  2. Donal Blaney is a typical product of some of the right-wing elements of the Conservative Party. I refuse to get too wound up about him.

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