November could change the tide

16 February, 2008

Britain is a winner takes all political system. In America is slightly different as whoever is elected President will have to deal with Congress. Now the Democrats just about gained control of Congress in the 2006 Mid Terms. They won the lower House of Representatives and with Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman caucusing with the Democrats they can just about call the Senate for the Dems. Although they don’t have the super majority neccessary I think 60 seats off the top of my head to stop the Republicans filibustering.

The thing about Congress particularly in the House is that the vast majority of incumbents will win re-election because they have  greater funding raising ability and greater name recognition. This time it could well be different with the number of Republican retirements the largest in decades there will be many more open seats which will be much easier for the Democrats to take. The Democrats as also after being in the political wideness for so long as really fire up and angry which is why they are raising so much money compared to the Republicans. When the GOP traditionally wipes the floor with the Dems fund raising you can see why so many Republican members of congress are deciding to call it a day.

Elections matter. But to be frank some matter more than others. In the UK 1945, 1979, 1997 all have political associations in a way that say 2001 doesn’t. It might just be that we are seeing in the US a really seminal time in the life of that nation that will change not just of the course of history in the United States but restore the prestige with which the United States used to be viewed around the world.


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