Iain lets one slip

17 March, 2008

If the Conservatives are ever to reduce the tax burden, they must first of all reduce the amount of public spending.

Iain should be getting a stiff talking from the Con Artists at Tory HQ after letting the cat out of the bag. They after all keep peddling the line about sharing the proceeds of growth or more realistically should they ever regain power, cutting as much of the public services especially those used by people who vote for other parties as they can get away with without to serious riots and storing the funds for tax cuts directed to Tory supports to motivate them to vote for a second Tory term.

Sharing the proceeds of growth sounds great doesn’t it. Funny that when the Tories were last in government I don’t remember them being able to cut some massive amount of government spending entitled waste while building shiny new hospitals and having tax cuts come out of a Norman Lamont run treasury.

It was more like the 2 biggest recessions since the 1930’s, the north sea oil money and privatisation proceeds used to pay the dole for 3,ooo,ooo people cast by the tories on to the scrap heap while the public and social infrastructure of the nation was left to rot.


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