North of Watford

17 March, 2008

is clearly a land that some London politicos have no idea about whatsoever. News reaches us from Labour Home that Chuka Umunna has won the selection to be the next Labour candidate in Streatham. Well Done Chuka, unlike Luke, I think he will be a great addition to the PLP.

I couldn’t help but notice a bit in the comment section.

The party will want to reward Steve. If he plugs away and turns Lambeth Council around in the long term, seats like manchester central and manchester gorton will be made available to him in the election after next. so we should not feel too sorry for him.

Having lived in both Manchester Central and Manchester Gorton in my time this made me laugh. I can honestly say you are about as likely to get unbridled joy from Manc political hacks at the thought of gifting a safe Labour seat to a Londoner as you are of seeing a quintet of polar bears doing the conga across the sahara in sunglasses and fluorescent Hawaiian shirts.


2 Responses to “North of Watford”

  1. rupahuq said

    Agreed. Am right behind every word of this. What patronising toss from the Labour Home poster too cowardly to own up to a name. Ummuna was likened to Obama in a Guardian editorial on Saturday no less.

  2. parburypolitica said

    The Obama Ummuna thing really worked for him. There are a lot of similarities, indeed there are also similarities between him and Blair as well. Whether this is a good or bad thing we will find out in 20 years time.

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