Money, Money, Money

19 March, 2008

David Ottewell has a post on Manchester Labour MP’s arguing the case for greater funding for Manchester and there is some very good stuff about how we need to direct health funding to tackle health inequalities.

But it also reminded me of transport. Now i’m a HUGE admirer of what Ken Livingstone has done with transport in London. He has taken political decisions that other politicians were to chicken to take, such as on the conjestion charge and had real success in improving public transport and cycling. The point is though that he has also had wads of cash that other parts of the country simply have not had to do what he has done.

Graham Stringer MP raised a point about the Barnett formula and higher public spending in Scotland at PMQ’s today it being £1500 per person per year higher in Scotland than in the rest of England. But I think under the Barnett formula the area which gains most is Northern Ireland. Now when the Troubles were a serious problem shovelling money into the province was a perfectly sensible idea but now that it is receiving the economic benefits of peace; is it time that we started to think about a peace dividend for the UK taxpayer?


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