Nick Bent – a comedy star in the making

21 March, 2008

Apparently he is a former spad at DCMS but appears to launching a comedy career. At the moment his material involves trying to convince us that the Monarchy is progressive. Fortunately there weren’t to many oldies form the playbook of political doublethink but his set improved as it went on. A birthday card from the queen. What an excellent idea. Al Murray would be proud. Sir, we salute you!

Hat tip T. Miller Esq


2 Responses to “Nick Bent – a comedy star in the making”

  1. Miller 2.0 said

    Crazy how some poeple think that they can spout such bullshit and still be taken seriously…

  2. parburypolitica said

    I didn’t think that the idea about a telegram from the Queen on your 18th birthday was a bad idea at all and certain better than spouting oaths but he must have been working under the delusion that anyone who is or has never been a spad /policy wonk ect is politically illiterate. Oh boy what a clanger.

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