Love Ken – a missive from the mayor

23 March, 2008

Take heed of this from Ken or be stuck with the blond one for four years as he makes an arse of himself and London.

Dear Londoner

I’ve lived in London my whole life. I have always worked to make it a better place. I take the tube to get to work not just because public transport is one of the best ways to commute around London but because it keeps me in touch with the concerns of other Londoners.

One thing I’m clear about is that London is now more successful than it was – and that our job is to continue to help all Londoners take part in that success.

There is no room for complacency if London is going to stay on the right path.

My most central pledge at this election is that I will work to ensure that London continues to be successful; that I will not rely on the myth of automatic “trickle down” to ensure every Londoner shares in that success but take practical measures to ensure they do; and that London will tackle the great environmental problems, above all climate change, to ensure that our success is sustainable.

London is leading the world with 21st Century solutions to the challenges that face all of the world’s great cities. My priorities for a new term will be clear – transport, crime, housing, the environment and good community relations.

If you believe the direction London has been going in for the past eight years is fundamentally right and should continue further, then please join my campaign so that we can keep London moving forwards in the future.

Ken Livingstone

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