McCain’s war record

24 March, 2008

No I’m not talking about him sitting on his ass in a North Vietnamese jail for 5 years having his fingernails pulled out and whatever other atrocious things he had done to him. He’s traded on that for far to long. Personal suffering while it can elicit our sympathy is not a sufficient qualification to be put in charge of the most powerful armed forces in the world history.

I’m talking about what is actually relevant to the Presidency that he seeks to undertake: his record on foreign intervention as a political leader.

Frankly it’s mixed and as he has already admitted he knows sweet FA about the economy I think this should matter even if his buddies in the media don’t. I haven’t forgiven them for the last Republican turkey they decided to serve up on the world decidedly underdone.

Now there was a time when McCain was pretty non interventionist such as over the Lebanon in the early 80’s and in the first Gulf War. More recently he has gone all gun ho, perhaps it’s because as an old man he won’t have to do the fighting any more. He said he wants to be in Iraq for 100 years a line that i’m sure will come back to haunt him and if he is elected president the thousands of Americans and Iraqi’s who will end up in body bags. Hopefully we have a more realistic assessment of what we can do in Iraq on this side of the Atlantic and get out pretty sharpish.

The important thing to remember here is that when giving a person the power to decide to send a country to war do you trust their judgement? They may not get the decision right every time, war is terrible at the best of times but sometimes necessary, but are they going to make a proper assessment of the risks and rewards of such an endeavour? I fear that McCain is to bound up in an ideological groupthink on the “Global War on Terror”. By putting McCain in the Presidency America may be putting the world on course for a ceaseless war.

One Response to “McCain’s war record”

  1. rupahuq said

    I wanted to say lets hope “he’s had his chips”, [reference to the 1980s ad for freedom fries bound to be on YouTube] but given the undignified spectacle of Democrat bickering he might actually win this Autumn…

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