Prince William and his big chopper

24 April, 2008

Is it a bird? is it a plane? No it’s our future king on a tax payer funded joyride! Hurray God save the (future) King! Now as a social democrat I believe in equality and meritocracy so a hereditary monarchy is something of an anathema to me. But I don’t detect serious republican sentiment in the population, if anything the reverse. My Mum thinks the Royal Family are great. So as long as the Queen lives and Prince Charles manages to convince the nation that he isn’t a totally wet whinging whiner the monarchy is all set to continue for the next millennium.

Now the matter in hand is Prince William’s joy ride helicopter flights. I really don’t see what the problem is. Question 1: Is Prince William ever going to see active service? With Prince Harry as the spare to the heir I think we can say conclusively not a chance. Question 2: Is it possible for a senior member of the Royal Family to have a normal job and not taint the royal brand? I think in the present media environment is probably not. Personally I find that really sad but it’s the nature of the beast.

Consequently Prince William has to play at being a solider, sailor and pilot. The military is about as protected an environment that the royals can have once they have left educashunn and as the heir to the throne has no chance of seeing action then he might was well treat it as an extended outward bound course with big toys and fireworks. At least it wastes some time before the next stage of his life, “Royal Duties” for which he must command a world class ability to endure utter tedium and a preference for the national anthem over rock anthems.


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