Post match analysis – frankly i’d rather go cycling

2 May, 2008

There is so much analysis of the results around you begin to wonder whether some of it was written before the results were known. To be fair it didn’t take a political genius to work out that we were going to get stuffed last night but the scale of our stuffing was pretty darn bad. The worst percentage share of the vote since the sixties!

Here’s a round up I paraphrase of course

Polly Toynbee – Not sunk yet but prepare to repel boarders

Tom Harris – has been looking up irony in the dictionary

Tom Miller – Compass was right all along

Rupa Huq – we’re f’d so I’d rather talk about my little johnny

Chuka Umunna – I’m standing in Streatham not Stroud thankfully

Jon Worth – Labour took a beating but he’s not bleating

Antonia Bance – All hunky dorey on the Oxford front

Chris Paul – Labour solid in Manc land gutted about Mike Kane though

Paul Burgin – I wish I was on Mars. Boris is an idiot.

Susan Press – If only the revolution had started earlier

Luke Akehurst – I enjoyed my fifteen minutes of fame

Kezia Dugdale – If I hypnotise myself to forget England and Wales it’s all fine (love the graphic btw)

Iain Dale – I got you morons to vote for Boris can you blame me for being smug

Guido – Is all over the place just like his drunken driving

There will be some people who say change the leader. Frankly I think this is bollocks. Gordon will be saved by his girlfriends. First there was Prudence and now there is Tina, there is no alternative. Anyone who thinks that a Charles Clarke leadership bid is the answer needs their head examining.

Anyway the general election won’t be until 2010 at this rate so at least we will have some time to turn things around and with the Tories in control of most of local government and depending on what happens this evening the London Mayoralty we will have the opportunity to repay handsomely the Loony Left tag that Labour councils got lumbered with in the 1980’s with the Tories Rabid Right.

But away from hardcore party politics I have been examining cycle culture which has some great answers to serious public policy issues like transport, the environment and public health. Bike theft is never going to be one of the crimes that the world takes most seriously when put along side murder, terrorism and gang wars but it is a major obstacle to the kind of cycling culture that would be a huge benefit to the country. This is because people who have their bikes nicked are less likely to carry on cycling.

We need to find ways that people can store their bikes out and about without the prospect of some **** coming along and nicking it. This great post has a couple of examples from Japan and the Netherlands which we would do well to import here. The Japanese one probably is a bit optimistic at the moment but something to think about in the future but the Dutch system we should import straight away and I can see it becoming a standard feature in the construction of major new buildings and public space.


2 Responses to “Post match analysis – frankly i’d rather go cycling”

  1. Sod 15 minutes of fame. I’ve applied for the Party General Secretary vacancy!

  2. parburypolitica said

    Well Luke i’m sure you’ll do anything to serve the movement

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