Lib Dems on congestion charging: A policy for every street

5 May, 2008

As some of you may know Greater Manchester is considering introducing a congestion charge in conjunction with a £3bn investment into public transport across the conurbation. Now this is the same scheme whatever part of Greater Manchester your in but not according the Lib Dems it seems

City of Manchester Lib Dems want a referendum when they are not in favour of it or against it, Oldham Lib Dems are in favour but thinking about it and Rochdale have been for and are now against and Stockport Lib Dems are against. Now i’m all for local automnony but this is getting ridiculous.

Lib Dems on the Greater London Authority were in favour of Ken’s policy to charge gas guzzlers more but Brian Paddick their mayoral candidate was against. Lib Dems in Norwich can’t decide either and nationally they are in favour of congestion charging as if it really mattered.

Why don’t they just say we don’t give a monkey’s one way or the other as long as we get elected?


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