“So who it this Guido Fawkes?”

5 May, 2008

Iain Dale is having a massive case of do as I say and not as I do. First he castigates a number of lefty bloggers for not covering the Prime Minister’s interviews on Sunday as if by some Dale inspired blog law they must. To add insult to injury he refuses to link to them which was just so big of him and then he inserts some script into his post to make their names appear smaller as in Iain Dale instead of Iain Dale. Then he compares Chris Paul to Comical Ali. I’m feeling the standard of public debate being so raised here .

It should have been more like this Kerron Cross, Hopi Sen, Ministry of Truth, Bob Piper, Chicken Yogurt, Byrne Baby Byrne, Harry’s Place, Conor Ryan, Mars Hill, Rupa Huq. Fabulous bloggers to a man or in Rupa’s case Ladyee. See it’s not that difficult.

Perhaps the more important question is why isn’t Iain Dale talking about the conviction of Britain biggest Tory Blogger Guido Fawkes for drink driving? Surely this has got be a bigger story than another ramble about Mad Nad but no. Silence is the order of the day on Dale’s diary.

So why didn’t they cover GB? Perhaps they weren’t so sad as to be watching political interview programmes which are never the most exciting telly in the world on a bank holiday weekend. Or perhaps they don’t want to produce the kind of material that could damage Dave’s bum skin with the amount of kissing it implies.

The fact is political discourse is never going to please everyone all the time. I mean Iain it’s not like you don’t have a problem with political coverage on mainstream telly so does Mike Smithson though his criticisms seem a bit more balanced than why the hell is Diane Abbott on when I would be so much better. I say fret not Iain you to can have a go on the This Week sofa with that Andrew Neill when you have been in Parliament for 20 years like Ms Abbott. Brillo will be over 80 at the time so I’m sure it’ll be still going.

Then there is the made up to suit your own purposes statistics such as phoney push polls. I mean is it really worthy to put out a poll of mainly conservative supporters who like Boris Johnson and don’t like Gordon Brown shock horror. Clearly the answer is yes but don’t expect membership of the British Polling Council.


6 Responses to ““So who it this Guido Fawkes?””

  1. Iain Dale said

    Jeez, Will, I seem to have touched a nerve.

  2. parburypolitica said

    Just commenting on the fun and games we all play. Any Labour people who watched GB interview won’t exactly be champing at the bit to write about it but then your silence on guido is to be expected. Or are you just waiting for sentencing?

    Is it the second offence now? How long before he kills someone? A custodial sentence seems the only fair option for public protection don’t you think?

  3. On a hot day like today it’s so refreshing to watch Iain Dale breeze right past the point.


    Was your mate Shane Greer riding shotgun or in the back on the booster seat at the time? How soon after the event did you hear about it? Why haven’t you blogged anything about it?

  4. Chris Paul said

    That’s right Will, and you Tim; egg him on. Comical Ali? There’s only one blogger in the whole wide world that deserves comparison with that one. And that is …. wait for it, wait for it … Comical Iain the mouthpiece of the conservative revolution and the Toffs who are having a spot of fun before their city careers. Instead of Al Tikriti these buggers are Ex Etoniensis and rabid with it.

    If Iain ever gets elected he can tonk it out with Eric Pickles over who is going to be Cam’s lower orders side kick. In the meantime it will horrify him to realise that the word for the stuff on the end of his tongue is Brown.

  5. parburypolitica said

    “If Iain ever gets elected” getting big with those ifs these days CP 😉

  6. rupahuq said

    Anyone who can spend their Sunday morning watching wall to wall interviews with Brown then the evening castigating others for not doing so must have too much time on their hands let’s face it.

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