The Hypocrisy of Paul Staines

7 May, 2008

When I commented to Guido Fawkes’s story about Lee Jasper I thought that he might let it through comment moderation after all the amount of depraved, mindless and venal comments that he does let through I don’t see why he should stop a comment pointing out his utter hypocrisy.But no. Perhaps he was to busy being a Tory stooge?

The thing is Lee Jasper has been convicted of no crime. While Paul Staines has and not for the first time either. It’s fine to hold criminals up to scorn and ridicule but having convicted criminals take pot shots at people who haven’t even been charged is bang out of order.

Just for the hell of it here is Mr Staines famous appearance on Newsnight.


2 Responses to “The Hypocrisy of Paul Staines”

  1. John A said

    Hypocrisy and particularism are two different evils. Staines reserves the right to moderate his own blog in a particularly slanted way.

    What was hypocrisy was the episode a while back when Bob Piper used the Guidoism “Anonymongs”, not aware of the provenance of this (a slur against those with Down’s Syndrome), and Guido was one of those who “exposed” him for being so harsh on the mentally ill.

  2. parburypolitica said

    The hypocrisy was more to do with Lee Jasper than the comments policy but thanks for the info about guido and BP.

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