Green is the new black gold

8 May, 2008

Energy independence is a debate that is much more well formed on the other side of the Atlantic. I think this has a lot to do with the significantly higher numbers of casualties that the Americans have sustained in Iraq which is widely perceived to be a war in which oil has played a  central role. Frankly it should be a much bigger issue on this side of the Atlantic as well.

Michael Meacher was never going to be leader of the Labour Party but at least he had the balls to run. (Is that the cabinet looking at their toes?) Still it is perfectly possible to fulfil a useful role in politics without being a party leader. One area that backbenchers can make a difference is in highlighting undervalued issues. Paul Flynn is a drug companies MP from hell for his campaigns and not the Home Secretary’s drugs policy cheerleader by a long chalk while Michael Meacher has been a consistent voice in favour of greening the Labour party. A move that I think not only makes political sense but it also the right thing to do not just for this country but also the rest of the globe.

He has done a great article on the need to move away from our dependency on old fashioned hydrocarbon technologies (oil and gas) to greener alternatives. As he points out this is not a theoretical debate. Either we move to a greener post oil economy where we benefit form being world technology leaders or we have to pay a much higher price in monetary terms for our oil and in our foreign and defence policies as well. I hope Brown is listening.

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