Konnie 4 London?

9 May, 2008

You may have noticed that I posted earlier about possible Labour London mayoral candidates but I have to confess to committing the most atrocious sin of omission  when Konnie Huq the former Blue Peter presenter failed to make the final cut.

Still a grassroots effort to get her to run has already started on the ubiquitous facebook. The group lists her many qualities but misses out the pertinent point that she does seem to attract rather a lot of generally male *ahem* interest but that is the lot of the Blue Peter presenter who are thrust upon an unsuspecting populace just as they discover there is more to life than sticky back plastic.

My formative years watching Blue Peter missed the Konnie phenomenon. Diane-Louise Jordan was more my era but as she’s doing Songs of Praise the chance of her getting her kit off have to be considered minimal but my generation do have fond memories of Janet Ellis so you can imagine my *ahem* gratitude when I found this

Still i’m not convinced about the Konnie candidacy. For one thing it would help to win the Labour nomination if she was actually a party member which she’s not. There is an alternative however. Fortunately her sister is not only a party member but also a sometime candidate and as you can see from her blog has like her sister missed a beating from the ugly stick. All she needs now is a gig on Blue Peter…


One Response to “Konnie 4 London?”

  1. rupahuq said

    Sheesh Will, I’m blushing all over. Thanks.
    Looks like kid sis is also no stranger to Fabulous mag:

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