A new Dawn has broken has it not?

12 May, 2008

In the media age in which we live any politician who has anything remotely interesting to say is liable to get labelled as “gaffe prone”. We then wonder why we have politicians who can speak forever without saying anything in a language which is usually some variant of Politicese.

The consequence of this is that any politician who can communicate with the voters is at a serious advantage in the political game. Tony Blair was a great, great communicator. I remember his speech to parliament arguing for the invasion of Iraq, I thought at the time and still do that the case was weak to say the least but I cannot in any way deny the manner in which he said it was anything other than magnificent.

I mentioned earlier Dawn Butler as a potential London mayoral candidate, check her out on the Daily Politics (available only for a week) . For a politician she speaks fluent Human like a native. expect to see her on the frontbench sooner rather than later.


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