The Future is ….

13 May, 2008

I know I exhorted discipline earlier but clearly people haven’t been paying attention so I thought what the hell I shall put up what I think are the odds on the next leader should the Prime Minister fall on his sword. It is important to state though I think a leadership election wont happen until after the next general election otherwise Jack Straw would be joint favourite in the Labour leadership odds betting.

The problem for  this lot and  reassurance for Brown is I think the polls have more to do with the economy than the leader so unless the economy improves significantly the next two years aren’t going to be the greatest bundle of run whoever is leader.

There is an optimistic scenario but this is looking increasingly optimistic and whatever their protestations actions speak louder than words when you have Labour MP’s standing down just as in the US Republican congressmen are fleeing for K Street

Anyway here goes…

David Miliband 2-1F

Harriet Harman 4-1

Alan Johnson 6-1

Jacqui Smith 7-1

James Purnell 8-1

Hilary Benn 9-1

John Denham 10-1

Andy Burnham 10-1

Jon Cruddas 12-1

Ed Balls 12-1

Ed Miliband 12-1

Yvette Cooper 12-1

Caroline Flint 14-1

Douglas Alexander 14-1

Tessa Jowell 18-1

Geoff Hoon 20-1

Hazel Blears 22-1

Alistair Darling 25-1

Jack Straw 30-1

John Hutton 30-1

Alan Milburn 30-1

Ruth Kelly 50-1

Peter Hain 75-1

Ken Livingstone 100-1

Charles Clarke 100-1

Des Browne 100-1

Sean Woodward 100-1

John McDonnell 200-1

John Reid 200-1

Frank Field 300-1

Anyway what do you think?


3 Responses to “The Future is ….”

  1. Miller 2.0 said

    As much as I’d like to see Prime Minister Ken, I’d have a bet on Alan Johnson with those odds. God forbid we get Harman.

  2. parburypolitica said

    If Ken was in Parliament and wanted the job his odds would be pretty good but as neither of these factors apply…

    As for HH I voted for Cruddas and I think I should leave it there 😉

  3. tommarley said

    John Denham would be a smart pick for leader. He represents a seat in the south of England, he’s good on TV and is respected by all wings of the party (not being too closely associated with either the Blairites or the Brownites).

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