Efficiency Tory style

11 June, 2008

Yesterday I had the good fortune to see in Kingsmead Sq, Bath a spectacle that should chill the hearts of Tories who are under the misapprehension that a tory government would be more efficient than a Labour one.

There were 5 council workers used to put up flower baskets, not 5 flower baskets at a time but 5 guys to one basket. Two ladders, guys top and bottom, and a guy with a rope in the middle seems over the top for a hanging basket my mum could put up on her own. This from conservative controlled Bath and North East Somerset.

Then today there were 3 more council operatives watering these hanging baskets with one hose between them. The pair who didn’t get to hold the hose did a great job of looking at the guy who was and getting paid for picking their noses. Being a humble subject of Her Majesty i’m not an expert on advanced urban horticulture but surely the people who put them up could have watered them in?

The real question is however, how many Tory council workers does it take to change a light bulb?


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