“get into his face and stay there”

17 June, 2008

If Barack Obama was going to ask me what he should be doing right now and yes I know that is not the most likely senario, I would say that he needs to turn McCain wrongly percieved strength on national security into a negative for the Arizona senator. McCain is a warmonger in the Bush mould that talks tough but is actually very damaging for US security and Obama needs to get into his face and stay there on the issue until the American people realise that. Fortunatly Moveon.org have been giving the junior senator from the land of Lincoln a hand.

2 Responses to ““get into his face and stay there””

  1. tommarley said

    I completely agree. That is exactly what the Bush campaign did to Kerry, albeit throught the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign.

  2. Chris Paul said

    Good advice. Probably. But could Obama end up driving the McCain vote the more he fronts him up and attacks rather than making his own case for support?

    Meanwhile Alan Duncan’s Vitol are not the ones producing Gentleman’s Genital Snake Oil.

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