On another continent…

1 July, 2008

Skipper has got a piece up about african leaders, well worth a gander. There are 46 countries in Africa and some are run better than others but the African response the events in Zimbabwe has been totally, totally pathetic.

On another note in the May/June issue of Foreign Affairs there is a great article on the Congo by Severine Autesserre. It’s about how local disputes in the Congo have fuelled a conflict that has engulfed much of central Africa and makes the Sudan situation look like a tea party. With 3,300,000 dead from the conflict which ended in 2003 and deaths now running at 1000 per day from malnutrition and disease the Congo has to be one of the worst hell holes that humanity has ever fallen into. Answers on a post card as to why we get to hear about the goings on of Amy Winehouse in ever increasing detail and nothing about one of the biggest humanitarian catastrophes since WWII?


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