Helen Clark – Video Nasty

4 July, 2008

Quite sad this but how on earth did this women become a MP ?


8 Responses to “Helen Clark – Video Nasty”

  1. rupahuq said

    Has to be seen to be believed really.

  2. […] in Uncategorized It’s only 73 seconds long but a phone video clip I caught courtesy of Parburypolitica of one-time MP Helen Clarke, known on her election in 1997 as Helen Brinton, is causing a birrova […]

  3. jane said

    pity Rupa Huq’s blog doesn’t take comments or I would have done, because she is wrong about Helen Clark on several levels, and I knew her better than anyone did in the Parliament years – political bloggers posting that clip ought to be ashamed

  4. Joe said

    Seems to be removed by Youtube, but I found it on Podblanc:


  5. Chris Paul said

    The clip has been taken down.

  6. Chris Paul said

    But I see the blogpost has still not been. Disappointed Will. This is cruel and heartless.

  7. Chris Paul said

    Jane: Rupa’s blog does take comments. There are two front doors. The one starting rupahuq definitely does. Perhaps http://www.rupahuq etc dopes not??

  8. John Kimble said

    lol great vid – really worrying that someone like that could become an MP.

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