How Much!

7 July, 2008

The best part of £700 million down the swannie on road builders who can’t contain their costs and a roll over tax payer who bails them out for a tummy tickle. I think democracy and elections do make a significant differance. People do get choice in how they are governed. That is apart from the Department of Transport who are a front company for the roads lobby.

The following excerpt is an arguement of such stupidity that this blog cannot be held responsible if it rots your brain

However, a lengthy report into Britain’s transport has argued that the country needs at least 500km-850km of extra lanes on motorways and A-roads by 2025, even with a national road pricing scheme. Motoring organisations also argue that it is unrealistic to clamp down on road construction when car and lorry journeys account for 80% of distance travelled.

If we have learnt anything on transport policy in the last 30 years it is this: if you build more roads and keep the cost of motoring relatively low they will fill up with more traffic and in a few years we will back in exactly the same place we were to begin with.

The solution: massive investment in rail particularly high speed rail that every other significant european seems to manage, safe cycle routes that makes the dutch green with envy, loads of buses and variable national road pricing. If we do that the well enough the share of travel on the roads will fall under 50% which would be the biggest change since WWII. All that’s needed is a pile of cash and some political guile. So how about it Tom ?

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