Is “Dave” telling us the whole truth?

24 July, 2008

Check the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail. David Cameron has had his bike nicked. If this is in fact the case then commiserations to him and a special place in hell to the evil tosspots who did it. Bicycle theft is never going to be the top of the police list of priorities but I think it is really serious. People who have their bikes nicked often revert to other forms of transport which have seriously bad effects on their own health and that of others as well as the environmental aspects.

Anyway i’m not sure that David Cameron’s little tale of living like us rings true. Call it a hunch if you like but I think there is a chance that some or all of this could be a set up. I think the following questions need answering.

Who was the reader of the London Evening Standard who took the photo of David Cameron?

When was the photo taken? Was it staged later?

Mr Cameron said that he reported it to the police. If he did what was the crime incident number that the police would have given him ?

How did that photo end up in the press? Did the reader send it in or was it a Tory press operation?

What kind of idiot locks their bike up to a 2ft bollard? Did he mean for the bicycle to get nicked?

Who “nicked” the bike? Was it bicycle nicking evil scum or was it a tory operative?

Who was the shop worker quoted in the Evening Standard story? was the quote just made up?

If he reported it using the police online facility who was he on the phone to when the picture was taken?


One Response to “Is “Dave” telling us the whole truth?”

  1. UK Voter said

    If nothing else, Cameron actions in temrs of the security of his bicycle shows a high lever of naivety. God help us when he eventually takes charge of the security of this country and its citizens. If he fails there, the column inches he is given are unlikely to be so symapthetic. Sometimes you are better of saying nothing.

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