Cameron hit by shadow cabinet leak

9 December, 2008

In a surprise development David Cameron’s leadership of the Tory party was rocked last night after his secret plan to save the British economy was leaked to the Austrailian media by a senior shadow cabinet member. The embarrased shadow chancellor who didn’t want to be named said “Since this credit crunch Brown has staged the biggest recovery in the polls in 30 years” and then went on to comment about his agricultural interests “I think we’re ducked, I think I’m ducked, I think Dave’s ducked, I think the whole Conservative Party is really really ducked and if he thinks spiders are going to save the British economy Dave’s more off his head than when I saw him at the last Bullingdon reunion ducking every duck in sight.”


One Response to “Cameron hit by shadow cabinet leak”

  1. rupahuq said

    Good to have ya back Will

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