The Big Bad No

12 December, 2008

So the people of Greater Manchester have voted against the £3bn pound of investment which came with the proposed congestion charge. The result has big implications for transport policy across the country by putting a serious dent in the prospects for congestion charges in major urban conurbations across the nation. Personally I think it was a mistake to hold a referendum on the issue and the government should just have got on with it.

The reality is we are heading into a period when there not going to be alot of money floating around in government to dish out on transport whoever is in power. We have to pay serious attention to both cost effectiveness while making greater endeavours to make transport more sustainable.

 The answer is quite simple, where we do have money to spend, we import Danish and Dutch cycle infrastructure of separeated cycle paths while adopting a 20% target for cycle use in all jourrneys. There are many areas in Denmark and Holland that achieve significantly greater rates of cycling so this would be an achieveable long term goal. Every pound spent on cycling is going to provide more green transport, more congestion busting and great health than spending on any other form of transport. If it works in Copenhagen why not in Manchester or indeed anyother city in the UK.

Other reaction from Chris Paul, Stephen Newtonthe Fabians and Lucy Powell


3 Responses to “The Big Bad No”

  1. parburypolitica said

    Sorryyyyy Kerron. Head bowed with shame 😦

  2. scott said

    No one likes to be bullied, and this was exactly how the vote was set up. Some people voted no literally for this reason, vote yes or you won’t get the cash… Also who in their right mind is going to buy into a labour promise.

    They should of implemented the infrastructure changes, showed they were reliable and worked and then introduced the congestion charge. By doing it this way they’ve just set back their plans by years.

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